Csharp (C#).NET Full Stack Development Engineering

Csharp (C#).NET Full Stack Development Engineering
Duration: 26 weeks

About C# .NET Core:
.NET Core is the reimagining of the mature and respected .NET framework by Microsoft as well as many of technologies built upon it. Developed with the three focuses of Open-Source, Cross Platform, and simplification of code linking them together through a single shared code-base. This has been done all while keeping the various enterprise level and security features that the previous .NET’s reputation was built upon.

Technologies: C#, ASP.NET Core 2. Razor, MySQL, LINQ, Dapper, Entity Framework
Core, NancyFX, Identity and Microsoft Cognitive Services.

Course Outline for Csharp (C#)

  • Define and describe the .NET Framework
  • Explain the C# language features
  • Define and describe the Visual Studio 2019 environment
  • Explain the elements of Microsoft Visual Studio 2019 IDE
  • Define and describe variables and data types in C#
  • Explain comments and XML documentation
  • Define and describe constants and literals
  • List the keywords and escape sequences
  • Explain input and output
  • Define and describe statements and expressions
  • Explain the types of operators
  • Explain the process of performing data conversions in C#
  • Explain selection constructs
  • Describe loop constructs
  • Explain jump statements in C#
  • Define and describe arrays
  • List and explain the types of arrays
  • Explain the Array class
  • Explain classes and objects
  • Define and describe methods
  • List the access modifiers
  • Explain method overloading
  • Define and describe constructors and destructors
  • Define and describe inheritance
  • Explain method overriding
  • Define and describe sealed classes
  • Explain polymorphism
  • Define and describe abstract classes
  • Explain interfaces
  • Compare abstract classes and interfaces
  • Define properties in C#
  • Explain properties, fields, and methods
  • Explain indexers
  • Define and describe namespaces
  • Explain nested namespaces
  • Define and describe exceptions
  • Explain the process of throwing and catching exceptions
  • Explain nested try and multiple catch blocks
  • Define and describe custom exceptions
  • Explain delegates
  • Explain events
  • Define and describe collections
  • Define and describe generics
  • Explain creating and using generics
  • Explain iterators
  • Describe anonymous methods
  • Define extension methods
  • Explain anonymous types
  • Explain partial types
  • Explain nullable types
  • Describe system-defined generic delegates
  • Define lambda expressions
  • Explain query expressions

C# Fundamentals

  1. Intro to C#
  2. .NET Core Console Applications
  3. Variables, Types, Type Casting, & Functions
  4. Control Structures
  5. Debugging .NET Core Applications (VS Code)

Data Structures

  1. Singly Linked, Lists Doubly, Linked Lists, Tries


  1. Dependency Injection with ASP Services MVC Architecture
  2. Razor View Engine View Modeling Extension Methods
  3. Custom User Authentication/Authorization


  1. Intro to Object Oriented Programming
  2. Classes & Objects Access Modifiers
  3. Inheritance & Polymorphism Encapsulation
    with Properties

Advanced C# OOP

  1. Interfaces, Abstract, Classes, Generics

Object Relational Mapping (ORM)

  1. Working with ORMs
  2. LINQ
  3. Dapper
  4. Entity Framework Core

Identity Framework Core

  1. User Authentication/Authorization Identity Roles
  2. Third Party OAuth


  1. Amazon Web Services (EC2) Linux
  2. Production Environments Hosting with
  3. Nginx/Supervisor